Monday, June 6, 2016

Kitchen Cabinets - Extended Uppers

We had the cabinets extended, and I don't even know how to put in to words the amazing difference it has made... It's completely changed the look of this kitchen!
The walls seem so much higher. And it really makes the cabinets look more "up-to-date", if that makes any sense. 


I'm so glad we decided to have this done. And I have to say, the carpenter (my uncle) did such an amazing job! I'm so grateful we have him to help us with this renovation.

Kitchen : They Took the Doors

Nobody panic.
The doors will be back... And better than ever!
The cabinet painters came last week to take the doors to the shop to have them sanded and sprayed.

One step closer...

Friday, June 3, 2016

The New Refrigerator Doesn't Fit (!)

Yes, you read that correctly.
Last weekend, our kitchen appliances were delivered. The kitchen is/was nowhere near ready, but we are keeping them in boxes in the living room.
So here's how the fridge situation went down:
1. New fridge is uncrated in delivery truck, and brought in to the living room;
2. It has a dent in one of the doors;
3. The delivery guy says we can keep it until the new one arrives (in case there is no replacement in stock);
4. Delivery guys leave;
5. I call the store to see about the stock availabilities;
6. They have a replacement in stock that can be delivered the following weekend;
7. They call the delivery guys and tell them to turn around and come back to get the dented fridge;
8. As I'm waiting for them, I look at the fridge in the living room. And then I look at the fridge opening height in the kitchen. I look at the fridge. I look at the opening in the kitchen. Fridge. Opening. Fridge. Opening...
9. I run to the garage to get a tape measurer;
10. I measure the fridge height;
11. I measure opening height;
12. I have an internal panic attack;
14. When the delivery guys arrive, I ask them to try to install the fridge in the opening, and we measure that we are missing about an inch and a half of height for the fridge to fit;
15. We can make it fit to the doors if we remove the hinge caps. But then you see them when the fridge doors are open. And it doesn't solve the issue that you still wouldn't be able to open the cabinet doors above when to fridge doors are closed;
16. The delivery guys leave with the fridge;
17. We go into problem solving brainstorm mode;
18. Idea #1 : Elevate the whole wall of cabinets;
19. Quickly decide that is a pretty bad idea. The baseboards would be super high and wouldn't match the other baseboard heights. Not to mention the upper crown portions would be different heights as well;
20. Idea #2 : Replace the upper cabinet box with a new one. It would be a little costly to get new cabinet doors made, but it would be worth it for it to look good;
21. Idea #3 : Nevermind idea #2. Let's remove the existing cabinet box and replace it with a custom shelf unit (see inspiration picture at the end of the post). This would be a less costly option, it can be done quickly, and it would look GREAT!
22. High five! Sigh of relief over crisis averted.

*Hinge caps off. Wires showing.

*Doors higher than cabinet doors.

In case you are wondering what kind of designer/project manager I am for letting this happen; I did measure the cabinet opening height prior to selecting/purchasing this particular fridge.
I read the specifications, and it said "Height to underside of cabinet = 68 inches", and we had 69.5 inches. Good to go!
What it did not say was that the hinges above the fridge were 70 inches high!
As for the cabinet doors vs. the fridge door height, we had just enough clearance when I measured originally. Unfortunately, when we removed and re-installed those cabinets, the heights were modified slightly.
Also, here are pictures of what I mean by "custom shelf unit above refrigerator":

*Image taken from
*Image taken from Better Homes and Garden
Cute, right? I'm actually really happy about this change after all.
 The kitchen doesn't have all that much space for decoration and pops of color; so this addition will easily allow for that now.
As so we continue on our wonderful kitchen renovation adventure!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Kitchen Update

Here are some pictures showing how we modified the back wall and outlet locations in order to maximize space for our refrigerator.

*You can see that the cabinets left of the fridge (and above) were installed away from the wall. And the outlets were moved to the side so that we can push the fridge way back and plug it on the side instead of using space in the back. And we also reinforced the back drywall panel.

*And here you can see the added MDF panel that was installed to hide the side of the fridge on the right side.
You can also see the central vacuum pipe sticking out under the cabinet. That's for the baseboard vacuum (which I'm so happy we planned for). The main pipe was already in that back wall, so Rick was able to connect to the system without much trouble.  

The back walls where the tiles were removed has been plastered and sanded and is now ready for paint. We are not putting a backsplash - controversial, I know - but we honestly could not find anything we liked.
The new top portions of the cabinets should be installed today. And Rick will be finishing the cabinet baseboards this weekend.
Monday, the cabinet painter is coming to get the doors (which will be sprayed in a shop), and he'll start preparations to spray the cabinets.
It's all coming together!

So Bright!

The Living Room window frames and baseboards have been sprayed and wow does it ever change the whole feel of the space!
This was the last of the frames and baseboards, so today the painter will be painting the 1st floor ceilings (and pot lights).
That means the WALL PAINTING will start next week! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kitchen : During (Part 2)

I'm a little way behind on the kitchen updates.
So this post will simply be a bunch of pictures of the updates at different stages.

*The new (very dirty from grout wash) tile. And the removed wall tile (yay!).

*We very promptly covered the new tile to protect it from all the work that still needs to be done in there.

*This picture is isn't very good, but it shows the framing and door being primed.
*The situation here is as follows:
1. The existing cabinets (that we will be reusing/refinishing) are 24" deep;
2. The fridge we bought is about 32" deep;
3. We don't want our fridge to stick out 8" from the cabinets;
3. The original plan was to build a recess in the wall (simple, right?);
4. There was an air duct hiding in that wall (no longer simple);
5. So plan B was for us to re-route the air duct (and by "us" I mean a professional that our contractor hired); 
6. We couldn't fit the re-routed air duct in the wall, so the cabinets will be installed 4" away from the wall;
7. With both that 4" and the recess, our fridge will line up nicely with the cabinets - it will still stick out slightly, but only by an inch or two, which is pretty standard;
8. I have no picture of it, but the framing was changed to allow for the fridge to recess in the wall (and the electrical outlets were also moved);

*Cabinets back in (and ready to be refinished). The original countertop is back in as well, until the new one arrives. 

*In this picture you can see that 4" difference between the further cabinets/fridge opening and closer ones. We are also having the top parts of the cabinets extend to the ceiling, instead of reinstalling the original crown molding.
* We also received our new knobs today. I couldn't help but test one out! 

More Painting Progress (!)

 The spraying of the doors and frames is progressing - The difference is unbelievable!
And it looks like the wall painting should start next week. I cannot wait to see the yellow, peach and burnt orange walls disappear!

*Hallway that leads to Den and Laundry Room


*Main Bathroom.



The grey doors were definitely a gamble but I think they look amazing! Especially with the new black hardware.